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About Inspired Life Coaching 4 Kids

Creating Happy Healthy Inspired Kids

Welcome to Inspired Life Coaching 4 Kids, a coaching program designed specifically for children aged 6-15 years.

As a Wisdom Coach I use stories to take kids on an exciting journey which teaches critical mindset and development skills in a way that is fun, creative and interactive.

Just as a sports coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive on the sports field and to excel in matches and comps, I am a Personal & Mindset Development Coach and I help kids develop the skills, confidence and ability to thrive in Life by teaching them how to use the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence and success in their lives no matter what their circumstance!

I support children and their families by helping them develop Strong Self-Esteem, Powerful self-confidence,
teach them how to overcome challenges such as fear, self doubt, disappointment and anxiety. They learn how to Manage Change and are able to cope with failures, mistakes and peer pressure.   

I teach specific skills sets to teach children mindfulness, self awareness, and to have love and respect for themselves and for those around them, all based on a proven and successful coaching system.         

I believe that once a child learns these powerful Mindset Skills, that most adults still don't now, they will unleash their greatness and true potential and will truly know what they are capable of and will believe that anything is possible! They will then have the tools and skills needed to navigate anything that life may throw at them.  

Are you ready to empower your child today? Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL now to discuss your child's individual needs or book them in for a coaching session or group workshop (In-person or Virtual via ZOOM)!!.

Hi my name is Judy and I am a Certified Kids Wisdom Life Coach.  I have 12 years combined experience working with children in both the private as well as school sectors teaching academic but more importantly life skills training. I am here to serve and offer support to you and your family and am only an email or phone call away!


Programs/ Workshops


Small Groups

With our small group training (either in-person or on Zoom), your child will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help them to create the life they dream about. Ready to get started? Click below and fill out a short form to discover what positive change really feels like.

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1-on-1 Session

These one-on-one private sessions (either in-person or via Zoom) will allow time to focus on your child individually and cater to their personal needs.  Inspired Life Coaching 4 Kids is here to give your child the tools they need in order to succeed. Fill out your information below to learn more or email us to book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL!

Group Workshops & MasterMinds

Inspired Life Coaching 4 Kids run small Group Workshops & MasterMinds (In-Person at a selected Venue in your region & also Online-Zoom). Group workshops give children the opportunity to have fun together in a slightly larger group while uncovering and learning important new skills, have interesting group discussions that help the whole group with different scenarios. They get to meet other like- minded children which can create new friendships. Group Workshops are hosted in-person at a venue as either a Half Day or Full Day Workshop/MasterMind or may run once or twice a month in a 6-8 session package. Contact us to find out what workshops are being offered and coming up or let us know if you would like us to put a specific topic based workshop together for your child, school or kids camp.

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Joint Workshops/ Children's Events/ Camps/Fun Growth & Development Days

If you have a company, school or run or offer any kind of Kids Groups or camps, or are planning a Fun Day or Event. Contact us to put a fun life coaching workshop session together for you that can be an add-on to your exsisting event to make it ever better and let us empower children with Life Skills they will never forget!!!

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Past Client Experiences


My children had a wonderful session with Judy. They were given valuable life skills to deal with their emotions along with practical tips to manage life challenges. Judy delivered a wonderful interactive session and complimented it all with a story that really assisted the kids with integrating the information. Thank you Judy!

Melanie Armstrong

Thanks Judy for an amazing online session yesterday. The 40 mins flew by so quickly! Both my 10 & 12 yr old kids were interested and engaged the whole time.  Lots of positive, inspirational info shared.  Would love to continue further coaching sessions with you in the future. Thank you kindly.

Monica Urquhart

Our 14 year old daughter participated in Judy's online kids life coaching sessions.  Judy successfully kept the kids engaged and taught them the skills required to stay positive, embrace change, treat it as an adventure, and grow from it.  Thank you Judy!

Tracy Steyn

Our children completed a session with Judy today.  Her advice, techniques and tools are exactly what our children needed during this time of change.  Her delivery was fantastic and very interactive.  Thank you Judy!

Tanya Scott McDonough

Last week my 12 yr old daughter had a session with Judy and a few other kids. The skills and problem solving techniques that were discussed were supportive and relevant.  The interactive nature of the session was encouraging and welcoming for the kids to share their thoughts and opinions.  Judy created a safe and "chilled" environment with her language and relaxed personality.  Well done as this is super challenging to accomplish during online discussions.  My daughter also enjoyed the small group as it created an intimate gathering.  Thank you kindly Judy.

Kate Graham

We really enjoyed the ZOOM session so much today!  Thank you Judy :)

Lindy Titshall

Hi Judy Thank you so much for the session - it was most informative and really well done.  Thank you again, really so appreciated, Chris & I both gained a lot!

Sandy Slater

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